Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Phone Call

Come with me... And you'll be...In a world of...Pure imagination, Take a look..And you'll see...Into your imagination...**ring, ring** (someone answer the phone)**ring** "hello...anybody home? Hi (your name here) its Regina calling...how are you doing today? Staying cool I hope. It is hot here in Cincinnati...You are feeling OK today you say, that is good.... Um I was wondering if you could come out & play? (remember your eyes are closed therefore *imagination in use*) Figure maybe we could sit by the pool under the trees and sip cool drinks. Or sit in on my porch and watch the world go by. Do some handmade craft? Maybe a game of gin rummy or canasta? We are in the lazy, hazy days of summer you know **possible replies** well here is where you fill in the blanks,,, that is for your end of this conversation...**my response** "that's great looking forward to seeing you..you have a good porch for porch sitting you say some iced cool drinks on all ready and cookies fresh from the oven *really the store* .....Well great I will be right over. It will be good times" **phone disconnects** *BIG SMILE* someone can come out & play....

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