Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day 11/11/11 my thoughts...

Today is 11/11/11 and Veteran's Day & Remembrance Day. I am re-posting what I wrote on 2010 Veteran’s Day because not much has changed...
I have come to the conclusion that every day should be Veteran’s Day. Why you ask?  Well, every morning I wake up in a nice warm, safe bed in a safe home with the freedom to do just that. They are our heroes.
Pray for the children of those who are deployed, pray that their parent comes home to them.  These women and men are fighting for the privileges we enjoy. Some military personnel come home to fight more battles for their marriage, child custody, a place to live, and a job. All veterans struggle with issues that are beyond what I can even imagine. Think of the veterans who wake up without a warm safe bed or a roof over their head here at home.  Pray for the vet who struggles with just the images that they bring home that only they can see.  Currently, there are military personnel fighting in faraway lands with family members at home just keeping on keeping on.
My Dad and his jeep on the Brittany coast.

Every family history has some military service. Mine spans three generations. At the age of 19 my father  fought under General Patton in WWII. My father-in-law was part of the Liberators in WWII. My Eldest brother is a Marine and was in Vietnam. He remained in active service for 20 plus years. My next eldest brother was in the Navy on the USS Oriskany an aircraft carrier off the shores of Vietnam. My younger sister was in the Air Force in the late 70’s as a communications and electronics tech. In that time and place for a woman it was rare to have that skill, which put her on the fight line servicing B-52s. She also was part of the teams testing the stealth fighters.  My nephew is a Marine like his father. 
 I am thankful that my family came home safe, but not every family is that fortunate. 
Every veteran has stories they will share if we just listen.
To all military personnel past & present God bless & 
thank you for your service. 

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